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Xstress robot


Xstress robot

All-inclusive system for X-ray residual stress testing. Xstress Robot system with robot goniometer makes stress measurements by X-ray diffraction easy and flexible on complicated parts, large and small.

  • Xstress Robot is an advanced X-ray stress analyzer, which is based on solid state linear sensor technique.
  • The robot handles all functions such as tilting and rotation.
  • Automatic mapping on complicated parts, such as turbine blade is possible.
  • Fully customizable, accurate, and repeatable measurement routines.
Technical specifications

Xstress Robot

  • Accurate 6-axis industrial robot.
  • Two symmetrically positioned MOS position sensitive detectors. Angular resolution: 0.03°–0.06°/pixel 2θ-angle.
  • Instantly adjustable 2θ-angle.
  • X-ray tube: Max. output 30 kV/10 mA/300 W; Cr, Cu, Co, Fe, V, Ti, Mn. Cr-tube provided as a standard. Tube can be replaced in less than ten minutes without special tools.
  • Replaceable collimator, to provide 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 millimeter spot sizes. Special collimators available as an option.
  • Three measurement distances as standard: 50, 75 and 100 mm. Other distances possible.
X3003 main unit
  • X-ray power supply 5–30 kV/0–10 mA freely adjustable within limits.
  • High voltage generator.
  • Self-contained liquid cooling system.
  • Includes all interlocks required for complete safety.
  • Universal power input.
  • Ready for use in field factory or laboratory.

  • A Microsoft Windows-compatible application with a powerful performance level.
  • One program for the user interface including measurement setup, data analysis and machine control.
  • Simple Ethernet connection for control PC.
  • Provides user-friendly, menu-driven operations d-sin²χ measurement mode.
  • Ω-measurement mode.
  • retained austenite measurement mode.
  • libraries for material parameters.
  • Project manager.
  • Mapping capabilities for automatic measurements.
  • Multiple exposure d-sin²χ and Ω-modes; peak shift calculation by cross-correlation and several other methods.
  • Library functions for material and measurement parameters.

 This equipment is intended to be used only in safety enclosure that fulfils all local laws, standards and requirements and complies fully with ISO 10218- 2:2011 Annex G, means of verification of the safety requirements and measures.

Meets or exceeds ANSI N43.3 - 1993 and other industry standards for open beam X-ray operation, including:

  • Fail-safe “X-rays on” and “shutter open” lights.
  • Automatic shutdown if shutter stuck, remains open or removed; if X-ray tube shielding is loose or removed; if coolant temperature is too high or flow disturbed.

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