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Xstress G2/G2R


Xstress G2/G2R

Xstress G2 / G2R X-ray diffractometers represents advances in design and construction, which provide enhanced reliability and function in a truly portable X-ray stress analyzer.

It is small, lightweight, accurate and safe X-ray diffractometer for measuring residual stresses and retained austenite contents.
  • Measurements are possible in difficult conditions like inside a storage tank, in a pipeline or up on a scaffolding.
  • Easy to use system can also be integrated to production line for quality control.
  • With XTronic software all measurement results are easy to understand.
  • Quick assembly, ready to use in 10 minutes

Technical specifications

G2 Goniometer

  • Two symmetrically positioned MOS position sensitive detectors. Angular resolution: 0.03°–0.06°/pixel 2θ-angle.
  • Instantly adjustable 2θ-angle.
  • 2θ-range of the detectors is continuously adjustable within +100° to 165°.
  • X-ray tube: Max output 30 kV/10 mA/300 W; Cr, Cu, Co, Fe, V, Ti, Mn. Cr-tube provided as a standard. Tube can be replaced in less than ten minutes without special tools.
  • Replaceable collimator, to provide 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 millimeter spot sizes. Special collimators available as an option.
  • Measurement distance 50 mm.
X3000 main unit
  • X-ray power supply 5–30 kV/0–10 mA freely adjustable within limits.
  • High voltage generator.
  • Self-contained liquid cooling system.
  • Includes all interlocks required for complete safety.
  • Universal power input.
  • Ready for use in field, factory or laboratory.
  • A Microsoft Windows-compatible application with a powerful performance level.
  • One program for the user interface including measurement setup, data analysis and machine control.
  • Simple Ethernet connection for control PC.
  • Provides user-friendly, menu-driven operations.
  • d-sin²χ measurement mode.
  • Ω-measurement mode.
  • retained austenite measurement mode.
  • libraries for material parameters.
  • Project manager.
  • Mapping capabilities for automatic measurements.
  • Multiple exposure d-sin²χ and Ω-modes; peak shift calculation by cross-correlation and several other methods.
  • Library functions for material and measurement parameters.

Meets or exceeds ANSI N43.3 - 1993 and other industry standards for open beam X-ray operation, including:

  • Fail-safe “X-rays on” and “shutter open” lights.
  • Automatic shutdown if shutter stuck, remains open or removed; if X-ray tube shielding is loose or removed; if coolant temperature is too high or flow disturbed.
  • Four Peak Retained Austenite Testing.
  • φ-rotation –180° to +180° with φ-oscillation (G2R).
  • χ-inclination –45° to +60°.
  • Extended detector window 30°.


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