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The ELEMENTRAC OH-p determines oxygen and hydrogen in inorganic samples by inert gas fusion in an impulse furnace with temperatures in excess of 3,000 °C.

The ELEMENTRAC OH-p guarantees precise and fast sample analysis. The analyzer covers a wide range of applications such as metal,ceramics and other inorganic materials.

The ELEMENTRAC OH-p can be supplied with up to two infrared cells with different path lengths, accommodating both high and low level oxygen analyses. Hydrogen concentrations are determined in the ELEMENTRAC OH-p by a robust and sensitive thermal conductivity cell.

Product Advantages

  • New: Closed gas management and optimized gas circulation for sensitive OH determination
  • New : ​Use of cost efficient argon as carrier gas possible
  • ​New : Powerful catalyst furnace for precise oxygen measurement
  • New : Gas flow system with electronic gas flow control and new leakage test
  • New : Water-cooled sample port system for effective removal of atmospheric gases
  • New : Chemicals and tubes are hidden behind a door(removable)
  • ​Powerful 8,5 kW* impulse furnace for temperatures in excess of 3,000 °C
  • Flexible configurations and measuring ranges for O and H
  • High sensitivity IR and TC cells with low detection limits
  • economic analysis of grains without capsules
  • ​Precise and quick measurement time(three minutes)
  • Windows operation software
  • Automatic diagnostic system
  • One point or multi point calibration


Application Examples

   Inorganic samples as alloys, cast iron, ceramics, copper, refractory metals, steel etc.    

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