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Handheld XRF analyzers



Our range of handheld XRF analyzers, the X-MET8000 series, delivers the speed and performance required even in the most demanding applications, by using the optimized combination of a high performance X-ray tube and a large area silicon-drift detector (SDD).

The X-MET8000 series includes 3 models (Smart, Optimum and Expert) to suit all analysis needs and budgets, for  scrap metal analysis, precious metals and jewelry analysis, positive material identification (PMI) for inspection and manufacturing applications, and regulatory compliance screening.

·         Intuitive, icon-driven user interface: minimal operator training required

·         Large 4.3” color touchscreen for excellent results visibility and  easy operation with gloves on

·         IP54 rating (equivalent to NEMA 3), allowing the X-MET to be used in the toughest environments

·         Optional shield (Expert and Optimum models) to protect X-ray tube and detector and prevent costly repairs

·         Quick-swap analysis window: no tool required to change the analysis window when broken or dirty

·         Extensive, customizable grade library for accurate grade ID

·         Powerful data management: save up to 100,000 results, create and save reports directly on a USB memory stick, print them on a Bluetooth printer, or share them on-the-spot with our OiConnect app

·         Application: Metal PMI, Scrap, RoHS compliance, Coating, Precious, etc… 





X-MET8000 Smart

X-MET8000 Optimum

X-MET8000 Expert


 The smart choice for the rapid sorting of common alloys 

 Optimised for the high speed sorting and analysis of alloys, from aluminiums to bronzes to stainless steels etc

 Our top performer provides the ultimate performance for the testing of the widest variety of alloys; with superior light elements (Mg, Al, Si, P and S), tramps and penalty elements analysis

Large Area SDD

Element range

K - U

Mg - U

Mg - U

IP54 rating



Protection against detector

window damage

Thick Kapton window 

Optional window shield 

Optional window shield 




(includes light elements analysis) 

Standardless + automatic selection of empirical calibrations 






Integrated camera




Small-spot collimator

Not available 





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