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PMI to Go – OES Metal Analysis in Hard to Reach Places

PMI-MASTER Smart meets the latest technical standards and is the first truly portable optical emission spectrometer for metal analysis.

Thanks to its light weight and small size, the PMI-MASTER Smart can be conveniently carried, making the analysis independent, especially in hard to reach places. Despite its compact dimensions it offers high analysis performance.

The rechargeable battery pack provides enough power for approx. 10 h in standby, 300 measurements in spark mode or 200 analyses in arc mode, depending on the measurement conditions. The PMI-MASTER Smart can also be operated using the external power supply/charger, with or without battery and even when recharging the battery pack.

Due to minimised Argon consumption a 1 l bottle is sufficient for several analysis (Linde Ecocyl recommended). For more intensive use a cart, holding a 10 l bottle, is available.

What makes the PMI-MASTER Smart different to other mobile analysers?

Can be effortlessly carried around with only 15 kg / 33 lbs weight (other mobile analysers can only be pushed or pulled)

Full range analysis functions despite compact size

Guaranteed stable measurement results even in motion and under temperature changes thanks to patent pending optics

Easy to travel with: the transport cases fit into any standard car boot

Ready to ship

Truly cordless with long-lasting battery pack and optional replacement battery


Product Benefits

Four transport options

The analyser weighs only 15 kg / 33 lbs, can be carried right to the site of analysis

With the stable Aluminium back pack frame the PMI-MASTER Smart can comfortably and safely be carried on the back.

Rugged cases for the PMI-MASTER Smart and its accessories

Cases fit into a standard car trunk, can be checked in on a flight or sent by mail

Can be conveniently pulled with a foldable trolley

For more intensive use the optional cart holds also the probe and a 10l Argon bottle

High-performance analysis despite small size and light weight

Precise analysis of N*, C, P*, S*, Sn*, As* and B* determinations (*with UVTouch probe)

High-resolution optics with closed carbon fibre construction, guarantees stable measuring results, even in motion and temperature changes

Jet-Stream technology for analysis of samples of irregular sizes and complex shapes

Rugged and dust-proof TFT touch screen

Temperature monitoring with protection against overheating

Immediately ready for action

No warm-up phase required

Optical system is fully and automatically re-adjusted

Cordless – for maximum mobility

Completely independent from mains supply with rechargeable and optional replacement battery pack

The battery pack provides enough power for the continuous analysis of some hundred samples

Can also be operated with external power supply/charger, with or without battery and even during charging

GRADE Database included

The largest metals database for fast and easy grade identification is already installed on all our optical emission spectrometers

More than 10 million records for over 320,000 metal grades

Update your instrument’s grade database with a few clicks

No time consuming research in norms and grade catalogues.


Markets and Industries

Convenient, reliable, flexible on-site metal analysis for inspections, quality control and safety procedures in

Plant engineering & constructions

Inspections & PMI

Petrochemical & chemical

Mechanical engineering

Metal recycling

Power plants

Aviation & automotive

Police, fire brigades



Optional Probes

UVTouch probe

  • Low levels of Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Boron, Arsenic and Tin in low alloy and stainless steels

L grade separation

Nitrogen in duplex steels

Display of analysis results

Control of main spectrometer functions

Extended wavelength range of probe’s optic: 170 to 200 nm

Spark probe

Reliable spark analysis

Rugged construction

Various sample adapters available 

Arc probe

Ideal for the sorting of different metals with Arc in air atmosphere

No Argon required

Analysis in only 3 seconds

For tubes, wires and small parts

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